503B outsourcing facilities

Leveraging a 30-year supply-chain network, strong partnerships, and rigorous quality measures, Medisca offers 503B pharmacies with large-scale product solutions of exceptional quality, standard, and value.

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Product solutions

As the role of 503B outsourcing facilities continue to expand as essential contributors in the drug supply chain, the demand for large volume products is rapidly growing. Over the last several years, Medisca has been carefully monitoring the needs of the 503B market and has established key partnerships and processes to serve the large volume needs

ingredients of large quantities and quality, value, fleib

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Quality Assurance: Elevating Safety and Reliability

When it comes to quality, we never compromise. Medisca prioritizes rigorous quality assurance measures, ensuring that all our products meet the highest industry standards. With strict compliance to regulatory requirements and comprehensive documentation and testing, we provide pharmacies with the confidence to deliver safe and reliable compounded medications.

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Pharmaceutical compounding is the practice of preparing personalized medications according to a licensed practitioner's prescription.

You can develop individualized therapeutic plans for patients — plans that are otherwise not available. It includes personalized dosing, alternate dosage forms, eliminating certain ingredients, combining therapeutics, or filling demands during product shortages.

What our partners say about us

“This innovative product [NovaFilm Gel Base] embodies our passion for improving male healthcare outcomes and we extend our gratitude to Medisca for their ingenuity and perseverance within the compounding world.”

Sam Knight BS. CPhT

Director of Pharmacy Operations, Viking Man

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