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RocketMolds™ are setting a new standard for both rectal and vaginal suppositories with their innovative disposable mold and dispensing system. Designed for utmost convenience, the 'flex tab' and 'squeeze out' features enable direct dispensing of compounded suppositories into an applicator, eliminating the need for manual dose handling. Available in clear, pink, blue, green, and purple colors, these 2 mL molds offer compounding pharmacists an efficient and secure solution for suppository production.

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Medisca ProMill® Basic

Reliable. compact, and powerful. This tabletop, adjustable, three-roll ointment mill reduces particle size in ointments, creams, pastes, gels, and suspensions. This mill is ideal for achieving uniform particle size that will facilitate homogenous blending of your compounded preparations.
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Naltrexone Hydrochloride, USP (Anhydrous)

Supported by full compendial testing, over 40 unique formulas, and tap density results available per lot, Medisca is proud to now offer both Naltrexone Hydrochloride Anhydrous and Dihydrate to meet the array of needs of compounding pharmacists, patients, and providers.
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Naltrexone Hydrochloride USP (Anhydrous)

Open Sterile Amber Vials

Packaged in a new ergonomically-designed tray of 100 with fixed grooves and spacing, this product offers convenient and streamlined filling and crimping with no glass-to-glass contact and reduced risk for cross contamination. Vials are available in 5 mL, 20mm and 10 mL, 20mm.
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PharmaPrimer EMS

An efficient, compact, electric machine designed to effortlessly eliminate air from pump dispensers. This innovative machine primes medication in under five seconds, eliminating the need for manual priming. Upgrade your priming process with PharmaPrimer EMS for swift and efficient medication dispensing, compatible with the MD® line and others.

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PharmaPrimer EMS

Topi-Click Micro® quick fill adaptor

An effortless adaptor solution for quick and easy jar filling. With the screw-on Topi-Click Micro® quick fill adaptor, transfer topical preparations directly from the mixing jar without needing a syringe. Compatible with Samix jars, this adaptor simplifies and streamlines your topical preparations. Available in packaging options of 10 and 25.

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Topi Click Micro

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