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Medisca Pledges $100,000 to Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (apc) National Media Campaign to Help Protect Compounded Hormone Therapy Medications

MEDISCA, a global leader in the pharmacy compounding industry, pledged up to $100,000 in matching donations towards APC’s Media Campaign Fund last week, marking one of the first major compounding suppliers to join the cause. The fundraising efforts are part of a larger coalition of compounders, prescribers and patients fighting the most recent FDA threat to compounded hormone replacement therapies. In November 2020, APC launched the campaign and hopes to raise $1.5 million this year, relying heavily on companies like MEDISCA to help build awareness and encourage donations. MEDISCA plans to support the campaign through a donation matching initiative set to launch in June 2021.

The fight to preserve compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (cBHT) medications comes after a highly disputed study commissioned by the FDA that may result in the restriction or elimination of these compounded therapies. With millions of patients relying on these medications each day in the United States, MEDISCA sought to lead by example and pledge their support to the cause.

“We have actively supported and invested in compounding pharmacists for over 30 years, and we are proud to support an initiative that draws awareness to the tremendous benefit they provide to their communities,” said Antonio Dos Santos, President of MEDISCA. “It is our hope that this campaign will help unite the industry in fighting for a cause that effects so many patients each day.”

A longtime partner of APC, MEDISCA has also committed to the next five years as a Platinum-level APC Corporate Patron, valued at $300,000, which includes the exclusive license for the “compounding.com” domain. The domain will serve as the hub to the APC Consumer Campaign and will seek to unite all those engaged in supporting compounded hormone therapies.

"We're deeply grateful for the support from our friends at MEDISCA," said APC’s CEO, Scott Brunner. "It’s a vote of confidence in the work APC is doing. We look forward to a productive partnership with MEDISCA as we defend pharmacy compounding and protect patient access to compounded preparations."

To access more information, campaign resources, or donation opportunities regarding cBHT, please visit a4pc.com.


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Director of Communication



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