MAZ® mixer FAQs

Training and onboarding

How will the initial training be provided?

Customers will have access to onboarding videos for self-instruction/learning. Additionally, live virtual onboarding sessions will be available for customers who prefer interactive training.

Technical Support

What are the available support options?

The MAZ team provides technical support and assistance for any support-related questions or concerns, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours.

What additional support can I expect to receive as a MAZ customer?

  • On-boarding options: Live sessions or self-instruction
  • Technical support via the MAZ portal
  • Access to the dedicated MAZ lab for continued research and development

Can I visit the MAZ lab in Arizona to see the different MAZ units?

Yes! Please contact a member of our MAZ team, and we'll be happy to arrange your visit. Our demonstrations cover the various units, offer troubleshooting assistance, and provide hands-on training.


What additional maintenance is required for the MAZ mixer? How do I clean it?

The MAZ mixer  requires minimal to no maintenance:

  • For KK-300: Change the white belt
  • For KK-400/1000: Grease gears every 50 hours or every three months

How can I prevent leakage in regular MAZ jars when mixing suspensions, especially to avoid sticky residue?

A good rule of thumb is not to fill the jars more than 80% full. Check the fill level to ensure it doesn't exceed the recommended maximum, and use seals and lids properly.

Product features & comparison

How does the MAZ mixer differ from an unguator or electronic mortar & pestle?

The MAZ mixer does not require mixing rods or blades, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and eliminates the incorporation of air or microplastics within the compound.

How does the MAZ mixer eliminate the need for an ointment mill?

  • By utilizing zirconia beads and a stainless-steel liner inside the MAZ mixer, we break down particle sizes of powders and tablets efficiently
  • We can levigate and solubilize powders into wetting agents or bases, reducing the grittiness of creams and ointments
  • Through high shearing force, the MAZ technology homogenizes and deaerates compounds, resulting in pharmaceutically elegant finished products

How does the MAZ mixer distinguish itself from other planetary mixers?

  • Over 10 years of ongoing research and development
    • 8+ patents
    • 175+ formulas
    • Proprietary operating procedures
    • adapter mixing capablilities
  • Access to the dedicated MAZ lab and MAZ specialists at no additional cost

How can the MAZ technology help me grow my practice?

The MAZ mixer is a groundbreaking technology that seamlessly integrates into your compounding lab's workflow. You can leverage the quality and consistency of compounds produced by the MAZ technology to engage with prescribers and attract new business. Additionally, showcasing the use of the MAZ mixer in your pharmacy on social media or other marketing platforms can highlight your commitment to delivering the highest quality care to your patients.

 What options are available if my MAZ mixer can't keep up with the growing volume in my pharmacy?

At Medisca, we're committed to evolving alongside your business. We offer a trade-in program that allows you to upgrade to a machine that meets your expanding compounding lab's needs.

Can the MAZ mixer help improve my turnaround time and delivery with the recent growth in my pharmacy?

Absolutely! The MAZ technology significantly reduces mixing, transferring, and cleanup times, streamlining your workflow for faster turnaround times. This enhancement ensures you can provide timely service to your patients, elevating their overall customer experience.

Can the MAZ mixer address the increased volume challenge faced by my pharmacy when using an unguator?

Absolutely! The MAZ technology uses planetary motion that employs a mixing technique that thoroughly homogenizes your preparation while eliminating air entrapment. This results in a superior finished product and ensures accurate dosing for your patients.

Can I still use a Beyond-Use Date (BUD) if the mixing procedure has changed from the current process to the MAZ mixer process?

To maintain an extended BUD based on a stability study, the formula's ingredients and their quantities must remain unchanged. This means that the client must compound the formula with the exact ingredients and quantities used for the stability study. Presently, the USP does not specify a particular technology or mixing method that must be followed.

What additional accessories are available for the MAZ mixer?

  • Mixing containers:
    • Standard mixing containers: 300mL, 400mL, 1.1L
    • Standard mixing container for adapter insert
    • Disposable mixing liners
  • Milling accessories:
    • Stainless steel mixing liners
    • Zirconia milling beads
  • Mixing adapters:
    • MD Pump mixing adapter
    • Jar mixing adapters
    • KK-250S and KK-300SS standard container adapter set
    • Samix jar mixing adapter

How does the MAZ mixer eliminate the need for a RAM Mixer, V-Blender, or Powder Mixer?

  • By harnessing the gravitational forces generated by MAZ technology, it becomes possible to efficiently blend various types of powders for encapsulation within just a few minutes.
  • The MAZ mixer can complete 1:10000 powder dilutions in a matter of minutes
  • The MAZ mixer, with its simultaneous homogenization and deaeration capabilities, enables the effective removal of static from progesterone capsule mixtures. This enhancement not only accelerates the encapsulation process but also minimizes loss, making it more efficient.

Financial options

What is the cost of the MAZ mixer?

We offer various model sizes and functionalities, so the price is best determined based on individual needs. To get more information, request a demo.

What payment options are available for the MAZ mixer?

Customers may qualify for financing at 0% interest with a down payment, subject to approval on a case-by-case basis. For more details and to explore financing options, it's recommended to consult with a MAZ Application Specialist. For more information, request a demo.

How does the MAZ mixer maximize return on investment (ROI)?

  • Cost savings: The MAZ technology significantly reduces both labor and consumable costs
  • Time efficiency: It cuts down mixing times and cleanup efforts by homogenizing and deaerating directly in dispensing devices like MD Pumps, UnoDose, and various sizes of suspension bottles
  • Increased output: With reduced compound times, the MAZ mixer enables customers to scale up their compounding output while maintaining quality and timely service for their patients
  • Versatility: The MAZ mixer covers a wide range of preparations, including creams, ointments, suspensions, troches, suppositories, capsules, and veterinary medications, all within a single machine

Product usage & applications

Does it make sense for me to use the MAZ technology if I only compound topical preparations?

Absolutely! The MAZ technology enables you to prepare topical compounds more efficiently, setting your pharmacy apart in terms of quality compared to competitors in your area. Additionally, the versatility allows you to expand your patient offerings beyond topicals. When you receive prescriptions for other dosage forms like capsules, suspensions, troches, suppositories, or veterinary treats, the MAZ mixer ensures you can deliver these preparations promptly to your patients.

Can Benzocaine/Lidocaine/Tetracaine (BLT) be compounded in the MAZ mixer?

Absolutely. BLT is recognized as a challenging and time-consuming compound to produce. The MAZ technology streamlines the compounding process, reducing both time and the need for an ointment mill. This not only saves time but also minimizes mess and product loss during preparation.

Can you compound Lidocaine 23%/Tetracaine 7% in the MAZ mixer?

Yes! We have developed specific mixing methods in the MAZ mixer to produce a smooth, homogeneous ointment without the need for an ointment mill.


What is NanoSil made from?

NanoSil is a micro granular amorphous Crystal with positively charged nano-sized pores. It is designed as a superior inert carrier for pharmaceutical applications. NanoSil has a unique internal structure and remarkable flow properties, providing high internal porosity and superior compressibility properties.

Is it safe to smoke or inhale NanoSil powder?

No, NanoSil is not recommended for smoking or inhalation purposes.

What are the benefits of turning your active ingredient into powder form?

  • Reduced reactivity with cannabis extract and actives
  • High porosity with excellent oil adsorption capacity (up to 3.3ml/g) and solid dispersion capabilities
  • Enhanced tableting ability due to unique structure and processing, improving flowability and compressibility
  • Compliant with pharmaceutical regulations
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Provides moisture protection
  • Acts as a taste masker by reducing surface area, absorbing actives, and masking 80-90% of taste
  • Facilitates easier handling of the material

Do you require a state license to use the MAZ mixer for cannabis?

No, the MAZ mixer is specifically designed to enhance efficiency in the production and manufacturing of finished products without necessitating a state license.

Can you directly infuse cannabis flowers using the MAZ mixer?

Absolutely. The MAZ mixer is equipped with special adapters and settings that are ideal for flower infusion.

Can vapes be made using the MAZ mixer?

Absolutely. It's excellent for homogenizing distillate with botanical or cannabis-derived terpenes.