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Transforming pharmaceutical compounding and boosting ROI with the MAZ® mixer


The Medisca MAZ® mixer meets the modern challenges many compounding pharmacies face today. With an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, a need for standardization, changes in consumer needs, and rising labor costs, MAZ mixing technology is compliant, driven, precise, and agile in responding to new opportunities and needs for your practice.

The advanced technology of the MAZ mixer defies the notion that a pharmacy must sacrifice one aspect to improve another — providing a holistic solution that optimizes all three dimensions of the quality, cost, and delivery model.

Redefining the compounding process with the MAZ mixer

The MAZ mixer can significantly impact a pharmacy's financial performance by streamlining compounding processes and reducing operational costs. It boosts productivity and lowers labor costs by cutting compounding time from 20 minutes per prescription to just a few minutes. This efficiency leads to a rapid return on investment, making it a valuable asset for a pharmacy seeking to improve its operations and bottom line.

Gel, cream, and ointment preparations typically require several time-consuming steps to compound. Using the traditional method, compounding 50 scripts daily at 15 minutes each can cost up to $5000 a month. However, with the MAZ mixer, this process can be streamlined, improving a pharmacy's efficiency, consistency, and bottom line.

For many gel, cream, or ointment preparations, the MAZ mixer only takes two minutes per script, costing as little as $800 a month. With a return on investment within four months, a pharmacy can save over $50,000 annually.

Advancing pharmaceutical excellence with MAZ mixing technology

The MAZ mixer is a game-changing solution that strikes the perfect balance between quality assurance, cost efficiency, and swift delivery.

  • Quality assurance: By ensuring precise mixing and deaeration, the MAZ mixer assures the consistency and integrity of every compound, setting new standards in quality that surpass conventional techniques.
  • Cost efficiency: Investing in the MAZ technology can be highly beneficial as it can significantly reduce the time and labor involved in compounding. Moreover, its operational efficiency leads to a quick return on investment, reducing overall production costs and improving your bottom line.
  • Delivery speed: The MAZ mixer can reduce compounding times from minutes to seconds, allowing a pharmacy to quickly fulfill patient requests. This not only boosts satisfaction but also expands service capacity.

The MAZ mixer technology ensures a pharmacy is well-equipped to navigate the challenges of today’s healthcare market and is backed by tested SOPs, exceptional customer support, and a growing library of over 150 formulas.

Future-proofing pharmacy operations with the MAZ mixer

The strategic use of the MAZ mixer, equipped with versatile adapters like UnoDose dispenser, MD® pump, and suspension bottle adapters, represents an investment in the growth and sustainability of a pharmacy. This innovative MAZ mixer ecosystem elevates the compounding process, creating a streamlined and lean approach. Its remarkable efficiency, cost-saving capabilities, and stringent quality assurance measures empower a pharmacy to not only survive but thrive in a fiercely competitive market landscape.

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*General disclaimer: The figures presented in this article provide an estimate of your potential return on investment (ROI) and productivity gains when you purchase a MAZ mixing machine from Medisca and should only be used as a guide. The actual economic results realized from purchasing a new MAZ mixing machine will vary, and there is no guarantee that you will realize the financial results presented in this article. Any estimates provided in this article are not and should be interpreted as either a promise of a contract or for a given level of ROI productivity gains. No refund will be provided to you for any purchases made arising from the information contained in this article.

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