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Enhancing personalized wellness with the MAZ® technology


With increased awareness of the benefits of custom-tailored medications, compounding professionals who can deliver high-precision products, especially when commercially available products fall short, are in high demand. Moreover, compounded medications can be tailored to the specific dosage form that is most suitable for each patient.

However, many compounding pharmacies are struggling to meet the growing needs of their patients due to the scale of the demand. Delivering precision products with traditional compounding methods typically takes time, multiple pieces of equipment, and experience.

The innovative MAZ® mixer addresses these challenges by streamlining the compounding process, reducing product loss, and use of consumables. It also saves time with its all-in-one mixing, melting, milling, and deaeration capabilities. It provides pharmacies with a more efficient and effective means to meet patients' needs while maintaining high standards of care.

Compatible with the Medisca line of MD® Dispensers and PreciseDose Dispenser Syringes.

How the MAZ mixing technology enhances precision and patient experience

The MAZ mixer not only streamlines the creation of a compounded product but also supports a wide array of dosage forms that are easy to use and customized for the patient. This is particularly useful for topical compounding, where consistency and quality are paramount.

When compounded topicals are not properly mixed, or the product is not adequately deaerated, the patient may receive an inconsistent dose, leading to ineffective treatment. The bladeless mixing technology of the MAZ mixer means that mixing, melting, milling, and deaeration can all be done simultaneously, ensuring homogenous preparations.

Looking for the right dosage form? Discover the MAZ formula library.

Beyond its precision, the MAZ technology stands out as a timesaver. Its planetary motion reduces the need for an ointment mill and an unguator, allowing you to mix and deaerate in a single container or device without needing to be constantly monitored. This saves time and reduces cross-contamination and the amount of product lost. It can also melt gelatin bases (patent No. 10,993,876 and 10,231,903) in minutes compared to the average 30-45 minutes it takes on a traditional hot plate.

The MAZ technology ecosystem of dosage forms

Certain active pharmaceutical ingredients, when taken orally, can cause gastrointestinal side effects or take longer to take effect. One way to avoid these types of challenges is by preparing medications in the form of topical preparations such as creams, lotions, oral suspensions, or gels that are applied directly to the skin. By exploring the Medisca bases, you can find the formulations supported by the MAZ mixer tailored to meet individual patients' unique needs.

Additionally, the MAZ mixer supports troches, rapid dissolve tablets (RDTs), or innovative oral transmucosal films, like the Medisca Nova Film OTF, that dissolve in the mouth and quickly enter the bloodstream.

The MAZ technology represents a breakthrough in pharmaceutical compounding, offering precision and reproducibility essential for optimal patient care. It is a future-proof alternative to conventional methods, empowering healthcare professionals to enhance treatment efficacy and reduce labor costs for every compounded product. Book your free demo today.

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