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Elevating skin care formulations with the Medisca MAZ® mixer


Creating skin care compound formulations that deliver the desired results can be challenging when using traditional methods. Often, compounding pharmacists encounter obstacles such as gritty textures, uneven dispersion of active ingredients, and the risk of oxidation.

When using the innovative Medisca MAZ® mixer, you can overcome common compounding challenges and create smoother skin care formulations with a cosmeceutical look and feel.

Efficient solutions for gritty or coarse skin care active ingredients

When it comes to preparing skin care formulations, working with gritty or coarse active ingredients can present a real challenge. Achieving smooth consistencies often requires the use of specialized equipment such as an ointment mill and unguator.

However, the MAZ mixer demonstrates an impressive capability to effectively solubilize active ingredients like hydroquinone, tretinoin, minoxidil, kojic acid, ascorbic acid, salicylic acid, and azelaic acid (including spironolactone in high doses) into topical bases and solutions, which eliminates the need for an ointment mill.

By leveraging the MAZ Zirconia Milling Beads and the stainless steel MAZ Mixing Liner, pharmacists can effectively reduce the particle size of coarse powders. Additionally, the MAZ mixer helps streamline the compounding process and improves efficiency by reducing compounding time, cleanup efforts, and product loss that may otherwise be associated with using separate milling equipment.

Rapid homogenization for uniform distribution of active ingredients

Achieving homogeneous high-concentration topicals and avoiding issues like clumping presents a challenge with traditional skin care compounding methods. Fortunately, the MAZ mixer can rapidly homogenize creams, gels, ointments, liquids, and powders within minutes, ensuring a uniform distribution of active ingredients.

Another frequent challenge is the risk of oxidation in topicals containing APIs, often stemming from air incorporation from high-shear mixers. The MAZ effectively addresses this issue by reducing oxidation through its deaeration feature, reducing the likelihood that creams lose their original cosmeceutical color and texture.

Optimizing compounding processes with tailored MAZ accessoriesThe Medisca MAZ mixer ecosystem offers a comprehensive selection of accessories designed to maximize the use of the technology. Take your process to the next level by mixing directly in the dispenser using the MAZ Bottle Adapter tailored to fit popular dispensers like MD® pumps, Samix® jars, UnoDose pumps, bottles, and more.

The MAZ Bottle Adapter is also designed to streamline compounded liquid preparations significantly. Compatible with 4 oz dual graduated bottles, this adapter allows you to mix suspensions and solutions directly within the bottle, reducing the number of preparatory steps, clean-up time, and use of consumables. The MAZ Bottle Adapter is compatible with the MAZ KK-300SS, MAZ KK-400W, and MAZ KK-1000W, further enhancing efficiency and convenience in compounding processes.

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