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Advancing analgesic compounding with the MAZ® mixer


When it comes to compounded analgesics, topicals, nasal sprays, and troches are among the most common dosage forms. However, conventional compounding methods are time-consuming and require multiple pieces of equipment to achieve accurate dosing, smooth textures, and homogenous formulations.

This blog explores the most common conventional compounding issues associated with analgesic preparations, highlighting the innovative solutions MAZ mixing technology provides.

Conventional compounding issues:

Gritty or course active ingredient materials: Traditional analgesic compounding methods often require an ointment mill to achieve a smooth texture when dealing with coarse or gritty active ingredients.

MAZ solution: The MAZ allows you to solubilize APIs into wetting agents in minutes with the pressure of planetary mixing, emulsifying your API thoroughly before adding it to a base.

Inaccurate dosing and air incorporation: High shear mixers may introduce air into topicals, leading to inaccurate dosing of analgesics. Pharmacies usually employ an unguator and an ointment mill to ensure a precise and air-free final product.

MAZ solution: With MAZ mixing technology, the air is removed during mixing with gravity as opposed to a blade in an unguator — saving time and ensuring the final product is homogeneous.

Insoluble active ingredients: Compounding insoluble active ingredients can be challenging, often requiring additional steps for particle size reduction.

MAZ solution: The MAZ milling media aids in reducing particle size, making it effective for compounding with insoluble active ingredients. An added benefit is the reduction in product loss since milling and mixing can all be done in the same MAZ container.

Difficulty achieving homogeneous formulations: Clumping can occur, especially in high-concentration topicals or those with multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients common in analgesic preparations.

MAZ solution: The planetary mixing technology of the MAZ ensures efficient solubilization of active ingredients into topical bases and solutions in minutes, reducing the need for additional processing time and equipment.


MAZ mixing technology provides a groundbreaking and future-proof alternative to conventional compounding methods, offering time-saving efficiencies, precision, and improved product quality. By addressing issues such as gritty textures, inconsistent dosing, and difficulty achieving homogeneous formulations, MAZ technology provides an efficient, all-in-one solution for mixing technology across diverse industries.

Backed by a library of over 150 formulas, SOPs, and an ecosystem of adapters and proprietary bases, the MAZ is a game-changer in mixing technology. Book your free demo today.

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