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Website User Agreement


By using the MEDISCA website, you agree, to be bound by the MEDISCA Site's Terms & Conditions and other additional service agreements stated in the MEDISCA website.

Agreement Changes

All provisions of the Website User Agreement are subject to the discretion and sole judgment of MEDISCA and may be revoked or revised at any time by MEDISCA. MEDISCA may change or amend its agreements without notice to its user without liability or recourse by any user for any purposes including but not limited to lost fees and profits. No changes may be made by any user absent the agreement of MEDISCA.

Website Changes

All content, products and prices on the MEDISCA website are subject to change without notification.


In no event shall MEDISCA be held liable to you including direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses.

Log In Credentials

The log in credentials provided to you are unique and must not, under any circumstance, be provided to anyone. If breached, MEDISCA can instantly terminate all related accounts without notice.


Under this condition you acknowledge and agree that MEDISCA may, at any time, suspend/ terminate the MEDISCA website or any services provided by the MEDISCA website. You further agree that in the event of such that MEDISCA shall not be liable due to MEDISCA's actions.

Termination of Service

You agree that MEDISCA may, at any time, terminate the MEDISCA website services provided to you without notice. If the termination occurs due to damages done or involved by the terminated account, MEDISCA can hold you liable for any damages and you may be responsible for compensation of any or all of MEDISCA's losses.



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